[TRAVEL] May the 4th be with you – Star Wars fantasy vacation rentals with HomeAway

Happy Star Wars Day, everybody! While there are many who will be heading down to the Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay for the SaberTrees, here is another way you can live out your Star Wars fantasies. 

HomeAway, the world leader in vacation rentals has sourced out four places Star Wars fans must visit. HomeAway has also included a number of properties that look just like the film sets from the movies. A galaxy far, far away isn’t that far after all. 

L: The Last Jedi; R: Stradun Promenade

Dubrovnik, Croatia
This place has been on many travellers’ radars recently as it is where many scenes of Game of Thrones are also filmed. However, this house listing lies on the Stradun Promenade, exactly where scenes for The Last Jedi were filmed. The set designers for the movie transformed the entrances of the old historic buildings to play host to a rumoured casino resort named, ‘Canto Bight’. While the movie is slated for an end-2017 release, Star Wars fans can get ready for an immersive experience first with a stay here.

Need to know:

  • HomeAway listing
  • 3-bedroom apartment with two bathrooms
  • Sleeps a maximum of seven
  • US$228 average per night with a minimum stay of one-two nights 

L: Millennium Falcon; R: Anaheim

Anaheim, California
While you wait with bated breath for the opening of Star Wars Land at Anaheim’s Disneyland Resort, head to this six-bedroom mansion that will definitely bring out your inner fanboy/girl. Pilot the trusty Millennium Falcon with Han Solo inside one of the bedrooms, and make sure to take pictures with the life-sized painted depiction of fan-favourite robots C-3PO and R2-D2. The mansion is also decked out with a large kitchen, pool, and billiards table.

Need to know:

  • HomeAway listing
  • 6-bedroom house with three-and-a-half bathrooms
  • Sleeps a maximum of 15
  • US$725 average per night for a minimum of three-six nights
  • 8 minutes from Disneyland Resort

 L: Scarif; R: Moorea Island

Moorea Island, French Polynesia
A remote atoll in the Maldives was the setting for Scarif, a tropical planet that saw plenty of action in Rogue One. We can’t claim to be able to send you Scarif specifically but this HomeAway near Tahiti looks pretty close to the real thing with its lush tropical landscape and shallow waters – perfect for roleplaying as Stormtroopers who waded through the waters during this epic.

Need to know:

  • HomeAway listing
  • 2-bedroom villa with one bathroom
  • Sleeps a maximum of eight
  • US$382 average per night for a minimum of five nights

L: Jakku; R: Erg Chebbi desert

Merzouga, Morocco
Rey’s home planet of Jakku may just be a barren red desert with nothing but sand dunes for miles but it is one of the most scenic and iconic sets in all of the Star Wars films, and one that is perfect for photographers and Instagrammers looking for an ideal yet unique backdrop for vacation photos. The film location of Jakku is in the UAE but this listing in southern Morocco offers glamping (glamorous camping) in luxe tents located in the Erg Chebbi desert without any compromise in comfort. A spectacular and unforgettable stay of clear skies, visible galaxies at night, and friendly Berber hospitality awaits travellers.

Need to know:

  • HomeAway listing
  • 10 available bedrooms with eight bathrooms
  • Sleeps a maximum of 16
  • US$116 average per night with no minimum stay

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