[CALENDAR] Dinner in the Sky is coming to Monaco

Dinner in the Sky 52

Fancy a gourmet dinner up in the air? And no, we’re not talking about cheap airline food. Dinner in the Sky is a ‘floating’ restaurant concept that uses a crane to hoist its diners, table, and waiting staff nearly 150ft into the air. It has been featured in more than 15 nations, including Belgium, Las Vegas, Kuala Lumpur, Vancouver and more.

Dinner in the Sky 34

Dinner in the Sky is next heading to the playground of the rich and famous – Monaco. Set your sights on a memorable dinner 30m-high and enjoy an unforgettable view over Monte-Carlo and the Mediterranean Sea for just 10 days this July.

Dinner in the Sky 31

Only 600 participants will be able to join in on this gastronomic experience that will feature an extravagant meal prepared by one of 14 of the world’s best Michelin Star rated chefs. Look out for names like Paolo Sari of Monte-Carlo Beach and Marcel Ravin of Monte-Carlo Bay & Resort.

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