[CALENDAR] Amoy St. Bloc Party returns

This year’s street festival is keeping it good in the hood

Feast and celebrate in style as the anticipated Amoy St. Bloc Party returns once again to Singapore’s Chinatown district. The curated festival by homegrown Spa Espirit Group sees well-loved establishments on the block coming together with local music to create a unique experience for locals and tourists of all ages.

The street on the fringe of Singapore’s CBD will be transformed into a car-free zone that will be filled with food from Ding Dong, boCHINChe, Employees Only, Le Binchotan, Burger Joint and Birds of a Feather, while musical acts like Sunshine Nation and Maribou State add to the atmosphere with heavy beats.

Food, drinks and music aren’t the only things happening at this year’s Bloc Party. This year’s theme of ‘keeping it good in the hood’ will also feature various activities suited for the whole community. Keep the kampung (village) spirit alive with Singapore heritage games, or participate in yoga sessions by Yoga Movement and athletic circuit sessions from F45. For those with a sense of rhythm, Dee Gerodias, SEA Games medallist and dance athlete, will be giving lessons on Salsa dancing as well. Looking for a touch of culture? Sign up for specially curated trails by Geraldene’s Tours in the afternoon or take a rickshaw ride through the scenic and heritage hub of Chinatown.

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