[NEW EATS] Dessert Story launches Taiwan peanut ice cream roll

Taiwanese street snacks continue to be a hit in Singapore, as seen by Dessert Story’s launch of the popluar peanut ice cream roll in its Singapore stores. The rolls look very much like spring rolls, as it uses the same crepe-like skin. Inside the rolls are two scoops of ice cream, sweet and crunchy peanut brittle shavings and a sprinkle of coriander for an aromatic lift. Unique to Dessert Story is its use of its imported peanut brittle from Taiwan that comes in large blocks and are hand-shaven using a traditional wooden shaving block also imported from Taiwan. To suit local tastes, diners can choose between coconut or yam ice cream (S$3.50 per roll) or mix both flavours together for a real treat (S$3.90). 

Apart from the peanut ice cream rolls, Dessert Story has also launched shaved ice as respite from Singapore’s hot weather  Named ‘Duo Ice’, the finely shaved ice dessert that resembles a pile of snow sees two flavours paired together for their sweet-sour harmony. Try mango & coconut topped with fresh cubed mango, or strawberry and yoghurt topped with nata de coco chunks they next time you’re here (S$5.90 each)!

Need to know:

  • The peanut ice cream rolls are available for a limited time only till the end of May 2017
  • Those who do not like coriander can ask for their rolls to come without!
  • Dessert Story can be found at:
    • Hougang Mall #02-18
    • Junction 8 #B1-K12
    • NEX #03-17
    • Sun Plaza #01-26
    • Tiong Bahru Plaza #B1-140

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