[REVIEW] Balm Kitchen – Skincare for Urbanites

Teresa Foo, a Singaporean entrepreneur, founded Balm Kitchen in 2014. Her expertise lies in organic skincare formulation from an Accredited Organic Skincare Science School based in the UK. She has been into natural living since 2006, choosing only the best ingredients to nourish her family including healthy food choices as well as eco-friendly and biodegradable products.

What started out as a simple gesture of love for her family and friends later turned into a feasible business idea – one that is not only self sustainable but also good for the environment. The first few products made were the moisturising lip and body balms that not only moisturise, but also relieve cold sores and soothe atopic eczema respectively.

As Balm Kitchen grew, so did Teresa’s interest in the science of natural skincare formulations. Her latest collection, the Anti-Pollution Skincare range, was specially created for urban living. Environmental pollution may not be visible on a regular basis, but it can affect our health and even our skin. The fine particles are able to easily penetrate into our skin and create common skin issues such as inflammation, excessive sebum production, increased oxidative stress and pigmentation. Teresa’s skincare range was made just to combat these issues and ideally, achieve glowing healthy skin for every individual. The extensive collection includes cleansing water, facial essence, serum, mist and a variety of masks.

As a frequent traveller myself, a little goes a long way. When it comes to packing for vacations, multi-purpose products or items in a set are the most convenient and I exceptionally enjoyed the capsule collection for its travel-friendly size and functions. The skincare range is also ideal for any type of weather (I’ve tried it in humid and cold regions) and normal to combination skin types.

Other recommendations:

  • Revive Lip Balm: great for chapped lips and works as well as a liquid lip balm
  • Skin Soothing Body Balm: I love that that it comes in a solid form so that the contents do not spill out into my bag during flights
  • Anti-Pollution Skincare range: the tiny bottles are convenient to travel with and the products are enriched enough that no other skincare is needed

Need to know:

  • Balm Kitchen can be purchased online by clicking here

Disclaimer: The products recommended are gifted by friends and not sponsored. All opinions are editor’s own.

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